Christina DeVictor  | Someplace Wild

ROCO CO-OWNER: Christina DeVictor

TRADE: Visionary + Photographer

INSPIRED BY: Traveling (always). Spontaneous adventure. The wilderness. Beauty from darkness. Hauntingly honest music. Authenticity. 

Oh hey there, I'm Christina, the cofounder of Roswell Collective and owner/photographer for Someplace Wild. I live in Historic Roswell, GA {right north of Atlanta} with my lovely filmmaker husband Tony

A little about the real me:

I am usually pretty pumped about life. I smile (and squeal) a lot. I am motivated by unmet potential and lead by visions of the future. But I am also a thinker. Perfectionist. Over-analyzer. An "I'm-sick-of-the-status-quo-and-I-can't-stop-mulling-it-over" person.

I like to swim in the deep end. Talk about the things that really matter. Connect with the heart. Pursue depth in conversation, relationship and business.

This way of life affects everything I create, pursue and love. If you are interested in collaborating in any way, please shoot me an email here: christina [at]