ROCO RESIDENT: Emily Carpenter


INSPIRED BY: Funny stories, Sad stories, Romantic stories, Mystery stories, Creep-You-Out-When-You’re-Alone-at-Night stories. Also Starbucks Mochas. 

Even though my debut novel is coming out in April 2016, I’ve been writing since… forever. Half-baked stories as a kid (horses, courageous orphans, lots of making out), screenplays as a young adult (one made the short list for Sundance Screenwriters Lab), and now, as an older (ahem) adult, suspense fiction (murder, mayhem, additional making out). 

BURYING THE HONEYSUCKLE GIRLS has been a three year endeavor, and while I had a great time writing it, I’m happy to say I’ve moved on to another book—a twisty-turny, Southern Gothic suspense. Also providing twists, turns, and inspiration in my life: my stalwart husband and three teenage boys. Check out my short stories, blog and other various tidbits at (link) or say hi on Facebook and Twitter @EmilyDCarpenter.