Anthony DeVictor


TRADE: Director, Production Designer

INSPIRED BY: Hard work. Space. The future. Musicals. Rocky. Athletes. Drama. Melodramatic music. Actors. Morning quiet time.

I was born and raised in Roswell, Georgia. After several years of soul searching (including a 6 month extensive stay in Maui) I graduated from the University of Georgia (go dawgs) with a degree in Theatre.

Shortly after getting married to Christina the same year, I began working in the art department on independent short films to better my understanding of the world of film. In 2012 I began working on my directorial debut, Sons of Acedia

I hoped that by starting, executing and finishing this project I would discover whether or not I really had the desire to pursue a career in filmmaking. I can simply and confidently say that Sons of Acedia is not a perfect film. It never was going to be a perfect film. Yet, it is extremely personal and I had a blast making it.

Working on and off for two years, the film was eventually completed by the start of 2014. You can read more details and see the humble trailer here.

I am now currently in preproduction for my next narrative feature "Modellie"  and will soon start a new position as Production Designer for Untapped, an upcoming narrative feature by Brothers Young Productions